Foundation House

January 10, 2023


Foundation House is hosting a convening of key industry players to explore innovative solutions to Affordable Housing in Connecticut.


The Summit will provide an overview of the current state of Affordable Housing in the region and then will focus on creative solutions in development, design, and financing. Drawing upon best practices and innovative initiatives in CT region and beyond.


Innovative ideas presented will include rapid response shelter villages for the homeless, positive synergies of social programs with green and affordable housing, spacial justice planning, modular and 3D printed buildings, creative ways to include private and foundation capital to finance development, and innovative software technologies to map communities of opportunity and analyze potential properties and design customized solutions for multifamily homes. 


Participants and attendees will include government, NGO, and Not-for Profit groups, housing designers and developers, philanthropists, impact investors and interested citizens.


The goal is to look beyond the work that is being done at the policy level and open up to inventive ways in which safe, livable, and affordable housing can be created in all communities for all citizens 



Welcome: Opening Remarks

An overview on the current state of affordable housing in CT to set the stage for the conference on both the challenges and solutions.

Keynote: Jonathan Rose Properties

Jonathan Rose will present his strategy and success stories related to his development properties and plans for the future. He will discuss how development, acquisitions, planning and project management are guided by a deep commitment to environmental, social, and financial responsibility.

Panel: The State of Affordable Housing

Experts from advocacy groups will have an in-depth discussion on where the industry is stuck, what changes need to be made, and share success stories that overcame any barriers. 

Panel: Emergency & Transitional Housing

Panel: Affordable Rental/Affordable Home Ownership

Panel: Holistic Programming & Services

Emphasizing a holistic approach to housing through both development, social services, and education and trainings, the panelists will share their success stories about their programs.

Lunch/Breakout Session:

3 Breakout Groups will discuss and design an affordable housing development (Emergency/Transitional; Rental/Mixed Income; Home Ownership) and then present to the group.

Panel: Creative Financing

Presentation: Blue Room Housing

Blue Room Housing, presented by Sharon Schneider.

Presentation: Madelon Group/RedTech

Madelon Group/RedTech, presented by Alfonso Medina

Presentation: Building Project 1

Closing Keynote