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Foundation House Event Form

Please write & save your answers in a separate document in case the application session times out to avoid losing your work.

Date of event, start time of event, and estimated length of event. 

Target number of speakers and list the names of all speakers if known.

Name of moderator or indicate if you’d like Foundation House to moderate the event. 

Provide the event topic, theme, and a summary of the event and purpose. Please provide an overview of the agenda and/or email a detailed agenda to when available.  

Roles & Expectations - please select one of the following options:

Please outline whether you envision FH or your organization leading each of the following categories: agenda, attendee invites, onsite check-in procedures, speakers, catering, party rentals, technology, parking, security, event insurance, staff, clean-up, etc. 

501c3's may apply for a grant for the program, however, FH does not guarantee any grant funding. If you are applying for a grant, provide information on your organization, the budget, and funding expectations for the event.

Provide details on pre, during, and post-event PR plans.

Provide any additional information not covered in the above categories.

Thank you for submitting the Foundation House Event Form! We'll get back to you soon.

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