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Foundation House Artist Residency Program Application
Application is now open for our Fall 2024 session application.
Fall Session Dates:
November 8, 2024 - November 17, 2024
Please click on the application button to learn more.
Foundation House Activist Residency Program Application
Application is open for activist groups or teams.
Dates are determined in coordination with groups.

Please click on the application button to learn more.
Hear What Some of Our Former Residents Have to Say!

Jasmine Lee,
March 2022 Artist Resident

I just want to thank you and everyone at the Foundation House for making it possible for me to create my projects with so much support. The application process made it accessible for me to apply as a first timer. I was able to build connections with artists and the Foundation House team from various backgrounds and share stories with one another during our delicious meals. The stipend was also helpful for me as I'll be putting it towards buying more supplies to make masks for shelters and communities in Boston and outside. I really appreciate everyone and my residency experience!

Rosi Greenberg,
October 2022 Artist Resident

I LOVED my residency time. It was a space for me to just focus on my art, and truly let myself BE an artist. The art just poured out of me when I gave it the space and time. For a long time I had considered myself a teacher/trainer/facilitator/coach first and artist second, but my time at Foundation House helped me see that I am an artist first, and everything else flows from there. Since then I have been introducing myself as an artist and facilitator, in that order. My residency was also a pivotal moment in seeing all my work as a whole, even in all its disparate parts. Actually it was something Mimi said about my braiding that helped me see this - she said 'oh yes it makes sense that you do braids because it's all part of your swirling, intricate designs, connecting together ethos' or something like that. I now see both my art and my facilitation as part of a whole essence of helping people weave together parts of themselves, swirl through the mess, connect more deeply through sharing truths, and express hard things through art and story. I had not seen that before the residency. You all seeing me as an artist helped me take myself seriously in a way I'd always wanted to. As you know, I had swum in depression and purposelessness for awhile in the years leading up to my time at Foundation House, and the residency was a catalyst for so much alignment and forward motion in my life. It was truly life-changing and has set me on a path I barely dared to dream of before.

Caroline Bodian,
March 2022 Artist Resident

The Foundation House was, in fact, a foundation, upon which friendships were built and my creativity could flourish. 

The word that comes to mind when I think back on my ten days at Foundation House is nourishment: nourishment of the soul, the mind, the body. Between the michelin-quality food that Christina masterfully whipped up each day, to the enriching conversations I had with my cohorts, to the time and energy I was able to dedicate to my craft, I felt nourished. Us seven artists under one enormous tudor roof came from different walks of life, yet we meshed perfectly, learning from each other while offering support and encouragement. We even called ourselves, The Artists, a crew of superheroes, each with special powers like writing anything into existence or "MacGyvering" any material that might be laying around. Still, many weeks after the residency, the wall by my desk is adorned with quotes and poems by fellow residents. I'll smile to myself when I think about a joke someone told at dinner or dancing up a storm our last night together. I left feeling like I could finally call myself an artist.
Learn More About Some of Our Former Residents
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