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Public Trails

The approximately 3 miles of wooded trails on the perimeter of the Foundation House property have been groomed, re-established and are now maintained for public use. Please be respectful of others sharing the trails; horses have the right of way. Dogs are welcome but must be on leashes; please clean up after your dog. There is a garbage bin at the entry for trail trash only.


WHAT: Three miles of trails around the perimeter of the Foundation House property, groomed for riding horses and walking. There are loops, grazing meadows, small hills, and bridges to cross. The trails and meadows are fenced off from the rest of the Foundation House property which is strictly private.


WHERE: Use the “FH Trails” entrance to 124 Old Mill Rd in Greenwich. There is a small lot upon entry that can hold up to 6 cars or 3 small horse trailers. Once parked, follow the signs to the trail head, which starts with a wooden bridge and a gentle climb.


WHEN: The “FH Trails” Gate will automatically open from 9am to 5 pm daily. Please plan to leave the property by 6pm each night. There is no entry permitted after dusk.

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